Why do people think God must use human logic?

Why do people think God must use human logic? by @EltonEdgar

Answer by Elton Edgar:

As it was told to me and so far, understand it to be believed, God created us in his own image. So, therefore logic must be part of God's makeup in some manner or form as it is a marked part of our own makeup.

Besides that, the world tends to adhere to logic over illogical things far more than the inverse [think: square peg, square hole versus square peg round hole]. Being that he/she/it also created this and everything (supposedly), I'd like to think that logic would, if not in part, reflect its supposed creator's sensibilities.

That is unless God created everything in a way, deliberately paradox to his own sensibilities and now holds us accountable to knowing, obeying and understanding him/her/it and those "Godly ways" despite he/her/it fully understanding he/her/it created us without the tools to do so.

Instead, we naturally think in opposition or differently and have no idea, nor the capabilities of learning “God’s way" as we were created without the means to do so.

Kind of like a fish creating a man to only breathe air and then, punishing man when he can't breathe water.

If this is true and logic is in fact not how God thinks or works or even remotely part of his workings…and he created us and everything to use, understand and work in a logical way, then he/her/it has set us up to fail.

If that's how it is, then, God is, as Plato would put it…"fucked up".

Now, if logic is a naturally evolved trait by which to evaluate our surroundings, better mesh with those surroundings and in turn prolong the survival of our species in those surroundings, then some sense might be made of it.

You wouldn't be able to claim God gave us logic as most things presented as "evidence" of his/her/it's existence or workings almost always resolve themselves to il-logic and un-reason.

So, to argue in favor of God, he/she/it gave us logic as a reflection of him/her/itself and is choosing to act in illogical ways deliberately

OR God is illogical…created us and everything to resolve in a logical manner and now punishes us for using logic, especially when using it to dismantle the argument for his existence, either way…God's fucked up.

OR God doesn't exist and nature itself (humans included) are trying to reach an equilibrium with our surroundings and the application of logic is a tool in our arsenal with which to discern and survive in it.

I'm thinking it's the last one, but to each his own.

Why do people think God must use human logic?


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