What is a programmer’s life like?

What is a programmer's life like? by @ralsina

Answer by Roberto Alsina:

Programmers are different from one another, so here's a typical, say, wednesday for me:

  • Wake up ~7AM
  • Wake my kid ~7:20AM, make his breakfast, prepare him for school
  • 7:55AM leave for school, buy pokemon cards on the way
  • 8AM kiss him goodbye at school (school is 3 blocks away from home, yay)
  • Go for a walk, probably have a cup of coffee somewhere
  • 9AM back at home, have 3rd breakfast as a good hobbit, now with my wife
  • 9:30AM sit down at the computer, start working
  • Code, fix bugs, implement features, read stuff about it, do random stuff in dead time (tests running, waiting for deployments… there is a fair bit of dead time)
  • Whenever I am hungry: lunch
  • Work some more
  • Work some more
  • 6PM stop working, kiss kid who's back from school already at 4:30 but knows dad is working
  • Go for another walk, maybe do grocery shopping, probably take kid and dog along
  • 8PM work a little on personal projects
  • 9PM start cooking dinner
  • 9:30PM dinner with family
  • 10PM kid goes to bed
  • Usual adult night things, watch TV, maybe work a little more on personal projects if feel like it
  • Go to sleep

I don't know, I think that sounds like a pretty normal guy's day, except I work at home, doesn't it?

What is a programmer's life like?


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