How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)?

How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)? by Preetika Singh

Answer by Preetika Singh:

I am new on Quora, i heard a lot about it, i found this question in my news feed and saw that 700 people currently viewing so though to help,

I am an Engineering final year student, and i can relate to this question that how this question is so important for students like us, fortunately i am making this amount per month by devoting 1 to 2 hours on daily basis.

Online Survey Jobs

I received my first payment by taking online surveys from
1. opinion world
which has a worldwide presence. All I needed was to give my input to established brands and reputed corporations while influencing products and services that would hit the shelves in the near future. By sharing my opinion, I got a chance to win gifts, as well as test products. In addition, I got a chance to poll my friends and begin discussions by sharing my views with others. When it comes to job satisfaction, I found Opinion world to be the best site.

Payment proof of Opinion world

Another site where I created a profile was
2. SayBucks.
With SayBucks, I was guaranteed that there wouldn’t be any hidden charges or levied taxes on the promised cash-prize. Simply put, what I worked for is what I got, in addition to something extra. What’s more, there were innumerable ways to avail the cash that I earned, from sweepstakes tickets for high-end gadgets and cool getaways to encashing it at superstores, including eBay.

Part-time Social Media Manager

With an active presence on Social Media being the norm rather than a preference, an increasing number of organizations and businesses are turning to social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+) to promote their products or services. In addition, some celebrities and politicians possess social media accounts to update their activities. Hence, I found there was tremendous scope with being a Social Media Manager.

I got a chance to work online promoting a company’s products on all major social media platforms. Besides lucrative money, I also got to learn a lot. I had to demonstrate my creativity by coming up with viral FB and Google+ posts, tweets, and LinkedIn updates. Moreover, I had to aware of the latest activities and trends, so that the posts went viral. It is a challenging job but very lucrative.

Freelance Designing Jobs

From social media I moved on to freelance logo and theme designing. Because every website requires a theme and a logo, I found that there were immense opportunities for freelancers like me. In addition, with my creative skills, I could come up with enticing logos and innovative themes. My themes were eventually bought by businesses through online stores as well as my personal website. Besides, my thorough knowledge of HTML, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, and JavaScript helped me excel at this job. Each of my themes were being sold anywhere between $10 and $100. This is how lucrative it is.

Selling Previous Semester Books

One of the simplest ways of making money as a college student was selling my previous semester’s books. There are scores of websites where I could list my books. In addition, there was no scarcity of buyers, making this a unique and convenient way to earn some cash. I could use the cash to buy books of the present semester.

To increase my chances of selling books, I had to keep them in excellent condition, free from general wear and tear. I received the payment for the books that I sold through online Funds Transfer. Other ways of getting paid are through PayPal and cheques.

eBook Writing

Because writing was my passion, I had a go at writing eBooks. My area of expertise was non-fiction, and I found that there were many takers for this particular genre. After all, individuals want effective answers to their questions. The advantages of eBook writing include low publishing costs, free promotions, zero shipping charges, and minimal revenue splitting.

Firstly, I had to prepare an appropriate layout of the topic on which I was going to write the eBook. Secondly, I had to come up with content that was organized and informative while simultaneously being unique. Next, I had to write a compelling title to engage the attention of my targeted audience. Other aspects that I had to take care of included cover design, copyediting, proofreading, and formatting.

I keep my fingers crossed to ensure that my eBook becomes a bestseller.

Making Money online by clicking pictures: This is the most easiest way to make money, but you should understand that what kind of pictures can be use in industry, i have done some research its like people like articles around keywords, i clicked pictures around keywords,

Let me know if you want to understand more, now i am going to share some of the best websites out there to sell your photographs online and make some hard bucks. there are some payout options and minimum payment of each websites. But some websites didn’t mention the minimum payment clearly, maybe you can withdraw them as soon as you get.

check this article for more ways to make money online 40+ Awesome Websites To Sell Your Photos Online

How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)?


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