What is the worst argument in the world?

What is the worst argument in the world? by Piyush Joshi

Answer by Piyush Joshi:

So I had hopped onto the 'No Shave November' wagon and had been growing my beard for the past 2.5 months. One fine day my parents asked me to log on to Skype for having a video chat, and I was prepared to hear a lecture on my overgrown facial hair. So here is the conversation :

Me: Hello Mom, hello Dad

Both of them were completely horror-struck on seeing me like this, but still carried on a normal conversation.

Mom: How are you beta? How is your health?

Me : I am fine!! How are you?

This went for another 5 mins, and then my Dad finally confronted me about my beard.

Dad: So why haven't you shaved? Everything is fine, right?

Me: Yes Dad. There is this movement where no one shaves in the month of November.

Dad: Which movement?

Me: You wouldn't know, Dad.

Dad: No tell me.

Me: It's called 'No Shave November'.

Dad: I haven't heard of any such thing. You are not lying, right? There is no other thing that is going on?

I realised that my parents had gone completely off track on this. I thought they were suspecting a breakup or something, but what came next completely blew me off.

Me: What are you thinking? Tell me frankly, Dad.

Dad: See Beta, these ISIS people are very good at brainwashing. If you have come across anyone influencing you please tell us right now. 


Rephrasing a dialogue from the recent Bollywood movie 'Bajirao Mastani'-

"Cheeteh ki chal, Baaz ki nazar aur Parents ki soch pe kabhi sandeh nai karte, Kabhi bhi mat de sakte h!!"

Edit: Thank you everyone for such a wonderful response!! 😀 😀

Since some people wanted a translation of the last sentence, here it goes

"You do not underestimate cheetah's speed, eagle's eyesight and parents' thinking, they can defeat you any moment."

It loses the punch though, in English.

What is the worst argument in the world?

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