Do you think Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp?

Do you think Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp? by @ssaig

Answer by Siddharth Sai:

Sorry to write a different answer here that doesn't include new stickers.

Google is not aiming at whatsapp. Their biggest challenge is to come close to iMessage (which is an SMS/messenger app on every Apple device including the mac). iMessage is bundled along with Every apple device. Google is trying the same with Allo and Duo (Duo is trying to dominate against FaceTime). On Oct 4th Allo and Duo will be pre installed on the new Google Phone.

What people fail to understand is the war is between Google and Apple. People are shifting from desktop to a mobile platform close to the speed of light (a little exaggerated).

The real war is for our data.

How do these apps add revenue to the parent companies without ads? Ever thought about that? It's the data we share. What we talk with our friends. The movies we watch. Our likes and dislikes. That's super valuable to them.

Snowden just tweeted it perfectly a few days back: Snowden on Google Allo: 'Don't use it'

Before Allo was launched it promised end to end encryption like whatsapp but then later withdrew that saying their prediction algorithm needs data.

All your data will be used. That's irrespective of what messenger you use.

We live in an age where we think it's just me texting my friend about random things. Imagine a system capable of collectively taking this data to create a pattern?

Think about it

Thanks for reading this

EDIT: Since a lot of people are interested in this, let me share something most people don’t know about.

Google tracks your location by default if you’re using an Android phone. Okay so what? My location is always on. Think about that again.

Here is a little fun thing to do. Do you remember where all you travelled last Saturday? Well google knows. Go here.

Log in if you aren’t.

Click on Manage Activity

Select the date, day and year and you’re welcome.

A full map of your entire day’s travel when you were online.

Google is capable of this level of tracking. Someone having access to your account can track you any time of the day without any additional software or network hack.

Turn off location in the settings if you’re concerned about this.

Again, thanks for reading.

Do you think Google Allo can compete with WhatsApp?

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