Career Advice: What is the reason many engineering students can’t get jobs in India?

Career Advice: What is the reason many engineering students can't get jobs in India? by @kaushikPTBN

Answer by Shyam Kaushik:

My answer is focused on core branches like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil etc.

  1. Quality Factor
    Except some IITs, NITs and some other private colleges, none of the engineering colleges of India is producing quality engineers.

    There are many factors responsible for low quality. Some of them are:

    • Way of Learning/Teaching
    It’s all about Rattafication, CGPA, Class Copy. It’s not about Research, Projects, Entrepreneurship, etc.
    • Lack of support from professors
    If any student wants to do something different from the curriculum, there is a lack of support from the professors.
    • Lack of Infrastructure
    Labs, Fund, etc. are not available.
    • HR Recruitment Process
    During placement-drive, HRs are looking for CGPA (except few companies), not on what you have learnt and what you have done in four years of your engineering.

  2. Ratio of Number of Engineering graduates each year and Number of jobs available
    After 12th, everyone is opting or forced to choose engineering.
    Kota registers its 30th student suicide, numbs district administration – Times of India
    Guys, there are a lot of other better options.
  3. Automation Factor
    Automation affected a lot of job opportunity and will affect more in future
    Looming threat! Automation threatens 69 per cent jobs in India, says World Bank – The Economic Times
  4. Government Attitude (quality v/s quantity)
    Our Ministry of HRD is busy with opening new IITs, NITs, IIITs, AIIMS, etc. instead of focusing on improving current system/scenario of education in existing engineering institutes.
  5. Students Attitude
    We students are also responsible. We are focusing on Rattafication, CGPA and getting a job and not focusing on Research, Projects, Entrepreneurship, Higher Studies, etc. But, I believe we students are a victim of this system.

I request Indian Students not to opt engineering to get a job and if you are interested then make sure join some good institution.

I ask Indian Parent not to force your student to join engineering. It’s not all about the job. Even we are not getting jobs.

Thanks Ravishankar Joshi for edits.

Career Advice: What is the reason many engineering students can't get jobs in India?

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