What do people from the other BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) think of India?

What do people from the other BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) think of India? by Hang Young

Answer by Hang Young:

I am from China, one of BRICS. Here is what I think of India.

  • Everybody speaks English, but the accent is really hard to understand.

It is nothing about India’s English is good or not.

Chinese language is much different from English. This is why it is hard to learn a language like English but easier to learn Japanese. So, for a Chinese , no matter how tinny different from text book, it will be huge challenge.

  • Most people are vegetarian, I know it is a misconception, but compare to Chinese, it is much much more people who are vegetarian .

Vegetarian is the person who doesn’t eat beef, mutton, chicken or any meat.

How about we extend the concept of vegetarian, people don’t eat beef, don’t eat mutton, don’teat pork, but chicken, or fishes.

  • Most Chinese people are non-vegetarian but, I wonder why Indians are taller and bigger than Chinese?
  • Flourishing movie industry. I have watched 4 movies of this talented actor.

❤ idiots> <PK> <Taare Zameen Par> <Ghajini>

  • Bad public traffic system.
  • Because of one child policy in China, the families are small, unlike the big families of India.
  • I have watched several Indian movies. They are all 2 to 3 hours long. Most Chinese or Hollywood movies 1 or 2 hour long.
  • India has a bright future. The GDP growth rate is quite fast.
  • Many American corporations put call centres in India.

( There is a competitor show up, Philippines. )

This will never happen in China. Speaking English is really tough thing for Chinese.

Here is a joke.

HR: How many language do you know ?

A : Chinese, Java, PHP, Python, C++, etc….

B: English.

English is not a basic living skill in China, it is one of most talented skill for a employee.

  • Indians smile and laugh a lot. No matter how much pressure they have, you can not see it on their face. They are happy almost all the time.
  • Traditional clothes are still very popular. The Prime minister always wears traditional clothes when he goes to other countries. It is a nice way to promote Indian culture.
  • Incredibly colorful. Beautiful as a painting. I don’t know which festival this is. Indians are keen on conserving their culture. (In China, people lack the enthusiasm to celebrate most festivals)

There are a lot of things I’ve left out. I will add more next time.

These stereotypes may not be right, please spare me if I’ve written anything wrong.

I have no intentions of offending anyone.

Even though India and China are neighbouring countries, India is still a mystery for most of the Chinese population.

If there are some mistakes in my post, please correct them. Don’t hesitate.

Thanks for reading.

What do people from the other BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) think of India?

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