What are some amazing brain hacks?

What are some amazing brain hacks? by @Sachin_1611

Answer by Sachin Choudhary:

Fall asleep in less than a minute!

​Luckily, there is an effective solution
called the “4-7-8” breathing method.​
This simple technique requires that you breathe in through your nose for four seconds, and then hold your breath for seven seconds. At the end, exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. Your brain is now flooded with soothing chemicals, and your heart runs at a slower pace. Repeat for 4 breath cycles.
This technique is great in so many different ways. In stressful situations, your adrenal glands release adrenaline. This hormone increases your heart rate, and you end up all nervous, jittery and moody. You breathe a lot faster and shallower. Inhaling and exhaling in accurate intervals counteracts the effect of adrenaline, and the heart rate starts slowing down, because it is forced, in a good way, to do so.
At the beginning you may feel a slight discomfort, but it should be soon gone. Keep counting, and you will notice how your heart rate slows and your mind gets clearer with each breath cycle.
This has exactly the same effect as if you were enjoying a refreshing sea breeze at the beach. You feel so comfortable and pleasant. Try this breathing method tonight and tell us how it worked for you.

What are some amazing brain hacks?


Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government?

Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government? by Aditya Gupta

Answer by Aditya Gupta:

This happened yesterday i.e. 17/4/16. I was travelling from NJP to SDAH in Darjeeling Mail. Some idiot had not flushed after using the toilet. It was becoming unbearable to sit there (seat 71). Just then a RPF happened to pass by. I just waved at him and pointed towards the toilet. This is what happened within five minutes.

Two cleaning staff came and cleaned the stinking toilet. Sprayed a disinfectant and left.

Wasn't expecting it to be cleaned before the next station but as it turns out, 12 cleaning staff are always on board any train. Thanks to Railway Ministry, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.  Indeed, India is changing and yes Indian Railways is changing under Modi Government.

Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government?

What is the worst argument in the world?

What is the worst argument in the world? by Piyush Joshi

Answer by Piyush Joshi:

So I had hopped onto the 'No Shave November' wagon and had been growing my beard for the past 2.5 months. One fine day my parents asked me to log on to Skype for having a video chat, and I was prepared to hear a lecture on my overgrown facial hair. So here is the conversation :

Me: Hello Mom, hello Dad

Both of them were completely horror-struck on seeing me like this, but still carried on a normal conversation.

Mom: How are you beta? How is your health?

Me : I am fine!! How are you?

This went for another 5 mins, and then my Dad finally confronted me about my beard.

Dad: So why haven't you shaved? Everything is fine, right?

Me: Yes Dad. There is this movement where no one shaves in the month of November.

Dad: Which movement?

Me: You wouldn't know, Dad.

Dad: No tell me.

Me: It's called 'No Shave November'.

Dad: I haven't heard of any such thing. You are not lying, right? There is no other thing that is going on?

I realised that my parents had gone completely off track on this. I thought they were suspecting a breakup or something, but what came next completely blew me off.

Me: What are you thinking? Tell me frankly, Dad.

Dad: See Beta, these ISIS people are very good at brainwashing. If you have come across anyone influencing you please tell us right now. 


Rephrasing a dialogue from the recent Bollywood movie 'Bajirao Mastani'-

"Cheeteh ki chal, Baaz ki nazar aur Parents ki soch pe kabhi sandeh nai karte, Kabhi bhi mat de sakte h!!"

Edit: Thank you everyone for such a wonderful response!! 😀 😀

Since some people wanted a translation of the last sentence, here it goes

"You do not underestimate cheetah's speed, eagle's eyesight and parents' thinking, they can defeat you any moment."

It loses the punch though, in English.

What is the worst argument in the world?

How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)?

How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)? by Preetika Singh

Answer by Preetika Singh:

I am new on Quora, i heard a lot about it, i found this question in my news feed and saw that 700 people currently viewing so though to help,

I am an Engineering final year student, and i can relate to this question that how this question is so important for students like us, fortunately i am making this amount per month by devoting 1 to 2 hours on daily basis.

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Freelance Designing Jobs

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Selling Previous Semester Books

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eBook Writing

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How can an Indian student make easy money online (Rs. 2000 – 5000 PM at least)?

How is Google Allo better than WhatsApp?

How is Google Allo better than WhatsApp? by Ronak Nahata

Answer by Ronak Nahata:

Google launched its chat app Allo for its android and IOS users.

Apart from offering a few intriguing features,the app pits google in a direct competition with Whatsapp.

Some of the features of Allo missing in the popular instant messenger Whatsapp:

  • Google Assistant

Allo comes with Google Assistant integration, incorporating the search functionality into the app.

Google’s virtual assistant, can pull out information from the web and also embed YouTube videos within a chat. Within messages, users can also call their friends using the Assistant.

For instance you can say "@google What restaurants are near us?" and it will give you a list of restaurants around. The company also claims that the assistant will become better with time.

  • Smart Reply

The app is equipped with a 'Smart Reply' feature, earlier seen in the Inbox by Gmail app.

It suggests automatic replies to save a user’s time. It uses artificial intelligence to read text and replying patterns of users, and then comes up with relevant suggestions.

Initially suggestions may be simple and basic, but with usage it picks up users' idioms to offer quirky replies. So, whether you say ‘hahaha’ or ‘Lol’, the Smart Reply with adjust to your style of communication.

  • Incognito Mode

Privacy is one a major concern when it comes to digital communication.

Google has introduced an Incognito mode in Allo to address this concern.

It’s based on the company’s open signal protocol and is designed to offer a seamless and secure chatting experience. If a user receives a message while in Incognito mode, its contents on the lockscreen are invisible, making it completely private and secure.

  • Image Recognition

Allo comes with Google's image recognition software for intelligent replies.

This can easily spot differences, for instance between a dog and a baby, and then suggest an apt response for the same.

  • Set timer to auto delete messages

An interesting feature in the app is its ability to help you set a timer for your messages to be deleted.

You can set a timer starting from 5 seconds, and once read the message gets deleted automatically.

  • Bigger Font Size

Google has also introduced a better way for users to express themselves in conversations.

It has incorporated two slider buttons -‘Whisper’ and ‘Shout’. Users can increase or decrease the font size using these slider buttons.

  • Gmail account Sync

Google Allo takes your phone number for primary identification, but if required then your Google account can also be synced with the app.

This will further enable you to get all important updates. For example, if you have a flight to catch, then the app will notify you about the same in advance.

How is Google Allo better than WhatsApp?

Has anybody in India been arrested recently for accessing torrent sites?

Has anybody in India been arrested recently for accessing torrent sites? by Manish Chaurasia

Answer by Manish Chaurasia:

Well first of all Torrent isn’t illegal but downloading copyrighted material is . You will only get arrested if the owner of copyrighted material files a complaint against you. In India it all started with the downloading of leaked movies even before they got released . So you can just wait for few days and then you can download whatever you want once the content becomes old.

And if you want it badly then there are plenty of websites which provides you all latest movies.

Well, there was a case . In 2013, an IT professional was arrested by the Mumbai police in Vikhroli for downloading copyrighted content via torrents and was to be booked under section 66 of the IT Act but was let go after a warning. This was a experiment in tracking peers done by the cyber cell network.

Has anybody in India been arrested recently for accessing torrent sites?

What is a programmer’s life like?

What is a programmer's life like? by @ralsina

Answer by Roberto Alsina:

Programmers are different from one another, so here's a typical, say, wednesday for me:

  • Wake up ~7AM
  • Wake my kid ~7:20AM, make his breakfast, prepare him for school
  • 7:55AM leave for school, buy pokemon cards on the way
  • 8AM kiss him goodbye at school (school is 3 blocks away from home, yay)
  • Go for a walk, probably have a cup of coffee somewhere
  • 9AM back at home, have 3rd breakfast as a good hobbit, now with my wife
  • 9:30AM sit down at the computer, start working
  • Code, fix bugs, implement features, read stuff about it, do random stuff in dead time (tests running, waiting for deployments… there is a fair bit of dead time)
  • Whenever I am hungry: lunch
  • Work some more
  • Work some more
  • 6PM stop working, kiss kid who's back from school already at 4:30 but knows dad is working
  • Go for another walk, maybe do grocery shopping, probably take kid and dog along
  • 8PM work a little on personal projects
  • 9PM start cooking dinner
  • 9:30PM dinner with family
  • 10PM kid goes to bed
  • Usual adult night things, watch TV, maybe work a little more on personal projects if feel like it
  • Go to sleep

I don't know, I think that sounds like a pretty normal guy's day, except I work at home, doesn't it?

What is a programmer's life like?